RS3 Concentrated Gold Miner

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  1. Concentrated gold rocks are one of the best XP sources in the game aside from the newly released Serene rocks. Offering up to 100k xp per hour and a decent source of gp if banked, it would be a great script bot to have available in the bot store and would be good to have already available in the store when RC comes out and could help drive traffic.

    What it would involve:
    • Level 80 mining
    • 4 mining locations in the form of gold ore deposits
    • A single bank deposit box in the middle
    • Running between ore locations when a deposit collapses
    • Avoiding lvl 92 & 96 living rock monsters
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  2. Full support!
  3. I'll continue to work on this when I feel like it. :)
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  4. Continueing (more like rewriting) this today, I think I'm ready. :p
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  5. Leaving it unattended for dinner (yes I did forget to implement item tracking).


    Good luck me. :p
  6. [​IMG]

    script bot is making great progress, for now it's only gold mining, but I'll add coal soon. I'm probably releasing the script bot in two parts - one for mining and one for fishing, to keep the code clean. Still need to add deathwalk (if you guys want me to, I haven't gotten close to dying yet). If there's more suggestions for the script bot let me know.

    Sorry for quadra post.
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  7. Defeat3d, you're awesome!
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  8. If anyone has an account with lava titans I can use to test at LRC, please contact me. script bot is near flawless (if you ask me) and needs a few additions before I will release it.


    InventoryListener is somehow registering 2 items instead of one so profit/ores is doubled. :p
  9. Today I lost my only account (RIP), so I'm going to need someone elses to continue development on this. :/
  10. Sorry for the month old bump but im looking for this script bot. You can use my account if you want.
  11. Hopefully you can continue now, super keen for this one :D
  12. Would be very appreciated.

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