Concurrent keyboard functions

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    Like the Camera, I would want the Keyboard to have concurrent functions.

    They should meet the following criteria:
    • I want to type at humanlike speed on a different thread
    • I want to be able to pause/halt the message that is currently being typed
    • I want to be able to cancel/stop the message that is currently being typed
    Name propositions:
    • Keyboard.passivelyType(String message) - see: Threaded function renaming
      Keyboard.passivelyType(String message, int interrupt) - possible values include Keyboard.PAUSE and Keyboard.STOP, this function would interrupt anything being typed.
    • Keyboard.clear(int times) - Presses backspace x times
    • Keyboard.clear(Condition condition) - Keeps calling clear(1) while condition returns true
    • Keyboard.clear(Condition condition, int limit) - Limits the clear function from being called too often
    • Keyboard.stop(int clear) - Stops whatever is being typed; cannot be resumed
    • Keyboard.pause - Pauses whatever is being typed
    • Keyboard.resume - Resumes whatever was being typed
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    #clear could use PlayerSense to either press backspace multiple times or hold backspace :)

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