Congrats Aidden!

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  1. Wasen't quite sure where to post this, but wanted to say a big congrats to @Aidden for the first bot hitting 10k users!!!
  2. Now that's a lot of users.
  3. Holy cow...
    thats almost half of the whole userbase!
  4. Congrats Aidden!

  5. nice
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  6. Stole your picture for the twitter xoxo
  7. Its truly an honor ;) <3
  8. Haha cheers
  9. No more bot of the week?
  10. grats sir!
  11. I remember how a few months ago we were happy you hit 1k ;)
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Looks like MassFighter is next! Congrats @Aidden
  14. Congratulations, buddy. :)
  15. That's a lot, gz to him.

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