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    Sep 26, 2015
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    Conquest is a minigame where you battle for commendations and it doesnt have any requirements except for above level 50 combat. This would be a great bot to make as it takes no supplies and gives a large amount of exp per hour.
    What we do:
    1. Every troop is a scout.
    2. Put two lines of troops at the very middle of the map.
    3. Walk into the game, challenge each other, set the timer for a minute. EVERY turn we wait out the timer.
    4. Run one scout up each.
    5. Kill the scouts off one by one.
    6. Once that's over, wait out two turns (4 minutes) each.
    7. Walk up to each other and kill depending on who's win it should be (to maintain us at a 1000 rating).
    8. Game is now over and we get a bunch of commendations each.
    9. Repeat from Step 3.

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