RS3 Construction Bot for prawnbrokers

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  1. Something that has the servant feature and makes and destroys mahogany prawnbroker. The only bot on the store doesn't work very well and hasn't been updated for 5 months. Not sure if that person is still updating it.
  2. A bot for this kind of action does like 2x less than a human would do
  3. Use a AHK script bot to make your right mouse right click, then move a few pixels downwards.
    Easiest construction xp and little to no chance for a ban
  4. i did that for an hour or 2 but my hands got tired af @skrall so back to botting it, in 1h maybe ill do next 1-2h of doing it
  5. help me out with this? i want to try get 99 from 88 tomorrow.
  6. I'm trying to reconstruct it, I have deleted the old script bot and I'm trying to write a new one.
  7. @skrall send me that cfg profile if you manage to do it please
  8. Code (Text):
    1. RButton::
    2. Click Right
    3. Sleep 149
    4. MouseMove, 0, 55, 0, R
    5. Return

    You can adjust all stuff to your liking:
    - The number after 'Sleep' is the number of milliseconds that the script bot will wait to perform the next action and can be shortened or lengthened to your liking.
    - MouseMove moves the mouse; 0 is the number of X pixels, 55 is the number of Y pixels (may need to be adjusted), 0 is the speed with which the mouse will move (adjust to what you want, it scales from 0-100) and R is relative to the original mouse coordinates (leave this, as your movements will be relative).
  9. Hey, thanks.

    Although, i'm not good with any of this and have no idea what i'm doing. Now i have this what do i do with it? Where do i put it etc...

    Thanks again.
  10. Download and install AutoHotkey, then open up a Notepad file (for example on your Desktop) and paste this code I posted in there.
    Then save the file, but save it under 'all files', not .txt. Use the extension .ahk
    Then alter the name to whatever you want, say "Construction.ahk".
    Now a AHK script bot should appear in the folder where you opened your Notepad file, in my case it's the Desktop.
    Then just double click the AHK script bot, and a green AHK icon should appear in your system tray.
    Now every time you right click your mouse, it will perform a right click and move 55 pixels downwards too.
    This should remove the hassle of always moving your mouse down the right-click menu.
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  11. Thanks :D ill give this a go. But it would still be nice to have a bot lol, so i can go full lazy.
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    Has anyone been making one of these bots yet? or want to add it to your one thats on the store already?

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