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  2. there is an error, when u start it says
    error loading setting
  3. I've only tested this for about about 20 minutes but here's a few suggestions
    1. Instead of using the inventory set up thing, you could just use presets. The current inventory thing is kind of glitchy at times. It'll sometimes just deposit everything and restart even though it seems fine. I'm using the slayer ring to teleport, which might be the problem. It'll get it eventually but takes a while.
    2. Getting the slayer contract is super buggy. It won't scroll down to the correct position and will just click nothing.



    Notice where the mouse is. It's on the button, but always on the unclickable region.

    3. Combat seems pretty decent I guess. How does it do summoning if it runs out of summoning points? Does it drink a summoning potion or does it use an obelisk?
    4. Yak doesn't seem to do anything at gargoyles. I think it should at least bank the rune items. I restarted the bot multiple times though with the yak already summoned though.
    5. Yak doesn't do anything at abyssal demons either. Maybe make it bank the ashes?
    6. Missed a crystal trisk key. Could you add it to the drop list?
    7. If you don't have a falador tab in your inventory and it wants to teleport out, it won't do anything. Maybe make another case for that?

    Overall, it seems pretty solid once you implement a few more features like yak and fix the getting of the slayer contracts. I could see this easily going to premium once it gets perfected since gargoyles and abby demons are 1.5m+/hr.
  4. That's because it can't find any settings because it's the first time you've ever ran the script bot. After you select your settings they'll be saved in the RuneMate storage directory.
  5. yes but when i start it it says "error with your guy configuration" too ;)
  6. You need to first null check the settings to make sure they are not null, and then set default values for when its the user's first time. You always remember your first time, remember that ;) . Parse the boolean of the settings if you have 2.
  7. Oh also alching would be a really good addition. For the people who don't have a yak.
  8. The script bot will drink summoning potions if the user doesn't have enough SP.
    I'll investigate the issue with obtaining contracts.
    Yak banking isn't implemented yet.
    You can add crystal triskelion to the "Always Loot" list, but I'll add that to the default loot list soon.
    Only falador tablets are supported because the script bot banks at falador. Where's the main hub town that people teleport to nowadays?
    Alching will be added eventually.
    I'm going to have the GUI show default settings for melee.
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  9. bone crasher and impcatcher will be also a nice add
    just use canifs bank to teleport
  10. They're already in the additional items to withdraw (the left) list, just add them to the list of items to withdraw (the right list)
  11. yes true, sorry did not see them before
  12. It keeps checking the contract for me, could this be because infernal mages on the GUI says it goes up to 160 when the task is 170?

    Edit: I chose x35 and because the number was correct it checked it successfully, now it won't kill the infernal mages, are you sure it is looking for "Infernal mage" and not "Infernal mages"?
  13. Nifty script bot. :)

    Also it doesn't select the 200x abby demons, you have to manually pick it and then it continues.

    Also, can you make it calculate the items it breaks down with the spring cleaner? And add all the springcleaners to the list, and the attuned ectoplasmator too? I can't find both those ID's anywhere. :/

  14. I can confirm it's looking for "Infernal mage".

    I've found the two issues that were causing the issue (and fixed them). The fixes, as well as several other suggestions posted earlier, will be in the next version of the script bot that is pushed (eta early next week)

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    I don't have a spring cleaner or an attuned ectoplasmator.
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  15. ManagedProperties has a getOrDefault method that may be useful for this :)
  16. for banshees it walks to wrong location and just stands there, it walks to the middle of tower i manually moved it seems to be working well other than that
  17. Does anyone know how much Slayer exp per hour this would be at 93 Slayer?
  18. 10K with the abyss demon

    1) with abyss demon it does not scroll enough with the contract to click on it
    2) if a rune dagger is founded, script bot stop and don't loot it or fight monsters
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    the looting systemis not counting all the items that he keep, that create a lower profit/h
    --- Double Post Merged, May 14, 2015 ---
    Progress report

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  19. Has trouble when selecting banshees. Will spam click minimap in tower near stairs instead
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