Dark Coshing/Blackjacking bot for thieving guild (VERY EASY)

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  1. -lures, knocks out, and loots coshing volunteers

    no food is needed as you cant fail and if you somehow do, you only take 1 damage. you have to complete dialogue for lure to start though, which takes 2 space bars.
  2. [​IMG]

    How tempting to recreate this...
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  3. I tried this, failed miserably because of clouse.
  4. How long ago was this? Think you might be able to give it a go again? :D
  5. It was 2 days ago. It's very easy to do, but clouse (RuneMate's antipattern mouse) makes it inefficient because of frequent misclicks and slow interaction.
  6. i hope you try to recreate

    it gives almost 3x xp of pickpocketing volunteers
  7. Ahh I understand, I thought you meant more than like 6+ months ago :) Is there anything that could be done to make clouse more efficient or something?
    Not a bot writer or anything so I know nothing :D
  8. I mean I could release it, on a 50 thieving account I was getting about 60-70k exp per hour, so I don't how efficient that is?

    I could make it mouse hop, but that would make it far easier to detect, since mouse pattern is one of the ways bot watch works.

    So your guys' call if I should release it.
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  9. Vote release it. Been wanting this!
  10. Seems really good exp/hr, according to the wiki doing this method at 70 Thieving gets roughly 99k/hr. So getting what you are at 50 seems really good. As for the mouse hopping, maybe you can make that a check-box option in the gui, and write under it: easier to detect, use at own risk etc. I don't currently have an account with a decent Thieving level, as I hate the skill so I'd be more than happy to test and report back on this once my DS main gets unbanned.
  11. i would like it if it was safer, but what is mouse hopping?
  12. I'm not sure if this is correct, if not I know someone will correct me. I believe mouse hopping can/does consist of having the mouse "hop" between two or more points without using the mouse trail so to speak. Moves from point A ----> point B instantly, instead of dragging the mouse cursor from point A ----> point B.
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  13. maybe if they made the mouse drag a bit faster but not to the rate of hopping...

    if the author tried to loot twice as fast as possible without bots and then put bots to that speed would that help
  14. What's the max amount of times you can loot per knock-out? I was getting 3 doing it legit.

    Also, why would you need to mouse-hop, the distance the mouse needs to move is very minimal.
  15. I literally have it as:
    while (npc.getAnimationId() == KNOCKED_OUT) {
    And it misclicks so much that it only gets 2 loots 75% of the time. Gonna make a change tomorrow and try.
  16. 3 is the max unless it has changed since ~2 years ago
  17. Threw together something quick in 5 minutes :D
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  18. SlashnHax you're friggin ridiculous man. Beast. Is it on the store yet? <3
  19. Will you put it on the store for everyone?
  20. It will be whenever @Cloud find the time to push bot updates :)
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    Based @Cloud has delivered
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