Couldn't initialize RS3

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by erickho1234, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. (02:17:52) [Setup] Couldn't initialize RS3
    (02:17:52) Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
    (02:17:52) at Source)
    (02:17:52) at Source)
    (02:17:52) at Source)
    (02:17:52) at Source)
    (02:17:52) at com.runemate.AJ.false(idb:170)
    (02:17:52) at com.runemate.VL.false(fpb:12)
    (02:17:52) at

    Trying to open the client the again works
  2. That can happen from time to time, essentially it just means the copy of the game that was downloaded got corrupted.
  3. @Cloud can we wrap that error with something more user friendly instructing them to restart?
  4. Sure, but we'd need to internationalize it.
  5. hey guys off topic, but when runescape updates it constantly tries to still log in. i feel like this might be able to send red flags to jagex? am i right or wrong?
  6. Yes it potentially could, and we should be handling that in LoginHandler. Sounds like a needed improvement @Cloud.
  7. I need to know the exact text of the message it gives you.
  8. how do i find this text? but idk if it even has a text. it just continues to try to login and runescape says "please reload runescape has been updated"
  9. He means he needs the exact text that RuneScape says when you try to login. A screenshot of the client at failed login when it says "Please reload..." would be ideal.

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