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  1. That will also bank, leather sells for a decent amount.

    Are there any bots that do this? Didn't read the aio killers as I think they're premium
  2. Alpha Fighter does this but it can't open the gate.

    @SlashnHax is a great coder so he could probably whip something up if he's free and you ask nicely.
  3. Making it open the gate doesn't sound so bad to fix o:?
  4. It's an Autofighter that uses predefined paths that runemate has made to most common banks. e.g in the case the lumbridge bank chest.

    However a profile would have to be created with the appropriate settings and from this profile a fail safe can be made to check if the gate is open. It sound easy but is still a bit of work.
  5. Nah its fairly easy... Here.
    Add this line in then put in a check for gate into the onLoop
    You'll have to change it slightly as its just copy n pasted from my flax bot.

    Code (Text):
    1.     private boolean openGate() {
    2.         GameObject gate = (GameObject)((LocatableEntityQueryResults)((GameObjectQueryBuilder)GameObjects.newQuery().names(new String[]{"Gate"}).filter(new Filter() {
    3.             public boolean accepts(GameObject object) {
    4.                 return object != null && object.getDefinition().getActions().contains("Open") && CleryFlax.FLAX_AREA.contains(object);
    5.             }
    6.         })).results()).nearest();
    7.         if(gate == null) {
    8.             return false;
    9.         } else {
    10.             if(!gate.isVisible()) {
    11.                 Camera.turnTo(gate);
    12.             }
    14.             return gate.interact("Open");
    15.         }
    16.     }
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