Resolved CPU at 99% and RAM at 70%

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  1. I'm having issues with 2 instances open, mouse freezing bcs the CPU usage hits 99% and i'll try to fix the ~70,;80% RAM. Any help in the CPU problem?
    #EDIT = 8GB DDR3 RAM
    CPU = i5-3330
    #EDIT2 = Ram fixed, at 50% now. CPU still at 99%
    #EDIT OVER 9000 = Tried to lower the graphics to LOW, didnt worked for the CPU. Maybe a Windows problem?

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  3. Which bot are you using, or are you hitting 99% CPU and 50% RAM with only the client?
  4. With any bot, if there are 2 instances it hits 99% (~48% each client).
  5. It's not really that big of a deal tbh. I rock an i5-4690k OC'd @ 4.6Ghz, and 1 bot runs my cpu about 40% also. This "issue" has been around ever since I joined RM. I remember reading a post somewhere around here saying something along the lines of: Do you want low cpu/ram usage? Or low ban rates? Personally, idgaf if the client uses 100% of my cpu and ram if the ban rates are as low as they have been, especially with Spectre right around the corner. This is just with one bot, but like I said, don't be worried that you hit high cpu/ram usage or anything, it may change when Spectre is released.

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  6. Could be due to resource intensive bots or poorly optimized bots. I've managed to get a few small personal bots down to 15% per instance on my desktop, which has an i5 4460 iirc. In the same light, some of my less optimized bots like to sit around 40-50% xD
  7. Incredible how you can get it that high, when mine is running, its about 70% cpu and 40% ram.
    And im running it on a Windows Tablet (Asus Transformer book) with a Atom processor.
  8. Like SlashnHax said, most likely the bots you used are poorly optimized.
  9. I don't understand how so many people have this issue. I have 8gb ram and an i7 2600k which is from 2011 and when not running a bot the client will only use 5-7% cpu and depending on if i've already ran a bot or if the client has been open a while 1gb-1.5gb ram. When running a bot it's usually around 10-15% cpu.
  10. I'm constantly running the ExiaMiner and o the other instance the MassFighter.Thank you for your help, you guys are awesome xD

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