Resolved CPU Hog, Lagging, & Crash Upon Open Bot

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by MBF, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Runemate lags considerably.
    When opened normal size, jus a little lagging.
    If resized at all, or maximized, it lags terribly.
    Graphics quality on lowest setting on RS, and still has problem on osrs preset.

    Desktop Specs:
    Core I7 4.0Ghz Processor
    32GB Ram
    2TB HDD + 256GB SSD
    Radeon R9 290 Graphics

    Why is this?? No other programs do this. RMate is using 30%+ CPU and getting nowhere.
  2. Going merely by specs you should have no issues, however it's evident you are the only person who has this issue, so I'm going to assume it's your end despite how you claim it isn't.

    I have a very similar system and Runemate's OSRS runs ~10%-15% CPU usage, that's while running a script bot.
  3. I get about 30-40% CPU useage on my i5 6600 Skylake just by running RS standalone. Graphics doesn't really impact my CPU useage (about +5%).

    While I can't explain the lag he gets I do get similar useage. I haven't run Runemate on this new PC but I would expect similar "problems" as him on my end. I've seen others say they can run 5-7 bots on a i5.

    However this user has a i7 and I have a i5 so it's more apples and oranges then anything.

    You should see what monitor he has. When I had my 720p i was getting about 20% CPU useage but my 1080p ultra wide bumped that up significantly.

    For all we now he could have a 1440p or even 4k monitor.
  4. I'm actually running a 2k panel and mine runs fine, I'm not even sure 4k would be that difficult to run, it's just scaling.

    I would recommend he checks temperatures or something, in the off-chance he's thermal throttling. There's no reason for the client to use so much CPU usage on a default size client.
  5. wtf i have an laptop with a i7 (3630qm) the only problem about running runemate is the ram usage (can run up to 4 - 5 bots until my ram is filled up) and all this bot would consume like 40% 30% of my cpu , sometimes i play games with 3 runemate opened (usually league)
  6. Might wanna take the photo down. Or at least edit it.
  7. Not really concerned about my username in the picture, the account isn't very good and it's just a game at the end of the day.
  8. I'll take it. Or atleast the bandos.
  9. How about hiding your username. FYI

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