RS3 cracked accounts?

Discussion in 'General' started by sexyrussian, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Is it possible to buy cracked accounts from sellers?
    I asked this question on and got permanently ip banned without warning...
    Its weird because on there you can buy league cracked accounts, spotify cracked accounts.

    Its also weird because of how many phishing sites exist. Almost everyone got hacked or phished at some point, yet if you google cracked accounts you can't even find a store... even though millions of people got hacked. The hackers must be like stupid or greedy lol.
  2. Account security is our #1 priority at RuneMate. Like the overwhelming majority of sites, we will never condone the use of malicious activities to acquire accounts, nor provide the means for those that use these activities to sell their services.

    We exist to better the experience of our users with as little hindrance to legitimate players as possible, and we recommend that anyone who wishes to do otherwise take themselves elsewhere, and consider taking up a new hobby.
  3. It's not allowed, and it shouldn't be allowed either.

    That said, you can buy phished accounts and methods on other sites, although I'd recommend that you stay away unless you want to become a chump.

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