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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by RS Bosser, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Does anyone know if the current crafting bots are going to be updated? None of them work for d'hide bodies. If not, then is someone going to release one that works? I'm just wondering cause I want 99 Crafting.
  2. Alpha crafter used to work, but isn't very stable and messes up a lot on the presets
  3. Yeah I tried using that bot, but it doesn't even work for me at all.
  4. Always used to get stuck on presets and just stop doing everything for me.
  5. When a bot has a problem/bug you should ALWAYS report that problem/bug on the thread of the bot. Usually Alpha bots work but due to RS Updates they might not work for a certain amount of time. Instead of asking for another bot unnecessarily report all the bugs you encounter to the bot author. If for some reason theres not a bot for what you want then you should come here . Peace mate!
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  6. I have reported it, about a week ago
  7. alpha crafter is getting an update :) just needs to get apporved by cloud :D
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  8. No response? @SlashnHax
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  10. @Eagles13 has fixed a lot of his bots and currently all of the changes are still in the queue to be pushed by @Cloud or @Arbiter
  11. Ah okay thanks!:)
  12. I called Hax because i thought he didn't receive response from Eagles making Hax the closest to him.
  13. Yeh :'( i really hope they will approve soon :D

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