RS3 Crazy Request: Wanting One of my Accounts Banned

Discussion in 'General' started by Tylerr, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Yeah idk why but I keep changing from osrs, rs3, rs3 ironman, osrs skiller, I've been picking off accounts one by one so I cannot login to them and keep spreading progress. I just want to focus on one account. Is there anyway I'm easily able to get my account banned? I tried botting for 24+ hours and nothing so far.
  2. Spam that you're a bot at ge, advertise websites, etc. Really blatant stuff if you really wanna get banned.
  3. You could just pm me the details of the accounts and I'll take them :)
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  4. You're punishment for trying to get yourself banned is by never getting banned. :D
  5. Just cancel the membership and strip the bank jeez
  6. Use rsbot
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  7. This. Should take around 1-6 hours.
  8. U hit mah gspot
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  9. More like ban within 2sec lol
    Bro wtf happened in season 4? Prindi and carmen got fuckd over, f&b took over the firm?:eek:

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