Creating a new account for storage and flipping

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by douglasyc, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Soo, since i cant work on ge while im botting , im planning on creating a brand new account for storing my cash and flipping itens on companion apk.
    The chances of both accounts getting banned is high enouth to not do that?
  2. There's nothing wrong with flipping, so go ahead. I can see no reason why you'd get banned tbh.
  3. transfering bonds and cash for a level 1 account ? may look suspicious idk
  4. maybe if u transfer some insane amount of u gold u might get banned for RWT xD but i think that will never happen
  5. Assuming he's trading to himself, he won't get hit for rwt. :D
  6. if i transfer like 100m and 2 bonds ill be fine right?
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    soo should i do with the same ip?
  7. Going from one of your accounts, to another? same IP? i dont see why not. especially if you're not planning on bottign the new acct, and even use an offical client? you'll be fine. I used to do this on OS but I now don't have the patience for flipping. One time I had bought out all the dueling rings in GE on osrs. was fun times. I'll try to find the screenshot I had. Man I miss those days.
  8. If you don't massively gold farm, you'll be fine.

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