Question Credits question, need your help asap.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Firefoxes, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone! I've accidentally bought credits while i wanted to buy subscription. How can i spend my credits for subscription? I don't see the way, if i press any button in section "Upgrade" its redirecting to paypal, and i don't see any button to pay for bot in the Wallet. Description of credit package is "Perfect for the casual weekend botter. Hundreds of hours of botting for the price of a Big Mac." So i guess there MUST be a way to transfer funds to subscription? Help please!
  2. Nope you can't subscribe using credits, they are only for premium bots.
  3. Lol but there is no premium bots! Can i do moneyback? Or could administrators switch money from credits to subscription please?
  4. Just wait for Pi FDK to come out. :^)
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    Just wait for Pi FDK to come out. :^)
  5. Contact @Arbiter via private message. The two systems are completely separate so unfortunately there is no way to transfer funds without going in manually, which only he can do.
    He's a busy guy, so I wouldn't expect an immediate response.
  6. I wrote him already, thank you!
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    By the way, i suggest to make some warning like "Credits are only for premium bots, not for supporter subscription" before payment, because it is not obvious.

    p.s. Still waiting for resolving my problem(

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