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    A number of people have asked me for tips when running Cuppa GuardiansOfTheRift, which is understandable as the minigame has a number of different playstyles, and the features/options of the bot have become a bit bloated. I'll try to keep this concise.

    Settings Screenshot: (currently, this might be outdated in the future if I forget to update it)

    General Tips & Notes:
    • use essence pouches if you have them, and select repairing them with lunars if available or pearls otherwise
    • the more quest altars you have unlocked, the more experience & GP you get. Blood, Death, Law & Cosmic altars all help
    • combination runes also help with both xp and GP
    • 56 agility helps a lot, for the increased mining speed of the eastern mine
    • for spells like NPC Contact, Magic Imbue, the bot can use all staves (including combination staves), Tome of Fire/Water, runes in a Rune pouch, all combo runes, etc
      • note: when crafting combination runes, you need the actual secondary rune in your inventory. Eg for Mist runes at the Air Altar, you need water runes in your inventory

    Recommended Settings/Info on Settings:
    In short, the default settings are fine if you're on a newer account without lunars or pouches, and you just want some runecrafting levels over the long term.

    But to break down the settings more, in order of appearance.
    • Break handler/Random AFK handler: standard "humanization" logic, to break up constant playing. Recommended to have this enabled, and a rule of thumb for values is to emulate how you think a real player might act.
    • Stop bot timer: useful to stop the bot after some time if you want to walk away from your PC
    • Priority presets/autobalance: I pretty much always use autobalance. You can set a custom preference if you want a lot more of some runes.
      • The way autobalance works is, if you have a lot more catalytic or elemental runes, it'll (progressively) favor the other, while still keeping logical preferences (eg. won't ever prioritize Air runes over Blood runes, obviously).
      • A spread of 0-20 point difference between Catalytic/Elemental is fine and normal, and shouldn't get larger than 20 over time.
      • The bot autobalances better over longer runtimes.
    • Repair ess pouches using NPC contact: recommended over using pearls if you have lunars unlocked & 67 magic. Bot will use NPC contact runes if in pouch, or will bank to get them.
    • Repair ess pouches using abyssal pearls with Cordelia: a good option to repair pouches on accounts without lunars.
    • Never use cells at all: recommended to keep unchecked meaning it will use cells. Using cells seems to provide more points and xp, slightly.
    • Never assemble guardians: recommended to keep unchecked meaning it will assemble guardians. Assembling seems to provide more points and xp, slightly, unless your team is constantly at full guardians.
    • Drop runes: a comma separated list of runes to drop (mostly useful on UIM)
    • Craft combination runes: requires lunars, 82 magic, a lot of binding necklaces in the bank, and lots of runes to combine with
      • to balance profit and xp, I set this to (Mist, Steam, Mud, Steam) for (Air, Water, Earth, Fire altars). That way you only need to keep Water & Fire runes in your inventory, and cosmics (in your Rune pouch or inventory), all of which are used for imbues.
      • if you run out of secondary runes to combine with, the bot will continue without making those combo runes
      • if you run out of magic imbue runes, the bot will continue without making any combo runes
      • if you run out of binding necklaces, the bot will stop
    • World hopping: recommended to keep enabled.
      • The worlds in the list by default often have players during peak times, but might not off-peak (but that's fine as the bot will just hop again)
      • Bot will automatically check a few worlds and remember which was best/closest to outlined numbers

    Example Inventory Setups:
    Note, it's recommended to wear (if unlocked):
    • Raiments of the Eye (for more runes)
    • Varrock Armor 3 or 4 (for quicker mining)

    Baseline setup required for GotR:
    • Best pickaxe available (in inventory or equipment)
    • Chisel (if assembling guardians)
    Using pouches, without lunars/NPC contact:
    • Best pickaxe
    • Chisel (if assembling guardians)
    • All pouches you can use
    • (in bank) Abyssal pearls (and "Repair ess pouches using abyssal pearls with Cordelia" selected)
    Using pouches, WITH lunars & NPC contact:
    • Best pickaxe
    • Chisel (if assembling guardians)
    • All pouches you can use
    • (in bank) NPC contact runes OR (in Rune pouch) NPC contact runes
    Using pouches, NPC contact & Magic Imbue/Combo Runes:
    What I do here is set the bot to create Mist, Steam, Mud, Steam runes at the Air, Water, Earth, Fire altars. Then I keep Astrals/Cosmics/Air runes in a rune pouch (for NPC contact and the cosmic for imbue), and Water & Fire runes in the inventory (for secondary to combo runes & imbue).
    • Best pickaxe
    • Chisel (if assembling guardians)
    • All pouches you can use
    • Runes for Magic Imbue in inv or Rune pouch (staves/tomes also work)
    • Secondary Runes for whichever runes you want to create (eg if making Steam Runes at Air altar, you need Fire runes in your inventory)
    • (in bank) NPC contact runes OR (in Rune pouch) NPC contact runes
    • (in bank) lots of Binding necklaces

    Hopefully this helped at all. If you're still confused you can still come ask questions on the Cuppa Bots discord (link in my forum signature).

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