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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Manager, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Everyone is recieving a ban currently!
    I'd suggest shutting the client down until spectre is released because alot of the community got a ban with the client even without botting on the account, including me recieving a 2day ban on an account i never botted on, and never would.
  2. I already talked to you about this in the shoutbox, but just so everyone else can see, not everyone is getting banned. If you're not already using the client frequently you should create a new account and log it into runemate for a couple minutes. If you don't get banned, bot as normal as you're likely fine. Note: This doesn't mean you're safe from bans. Use common sense and bot 'safely'. You should do this for each game mode that you use. You should also follow these steps on any other botting client you try.
  3. OSRS/RS3 ?
    I was botting until before 3 mins on RS3, nothing yet.
  4. Got banned (48hrs) on osrs while botting for 1hr
  5. afaik 48hr bans are manual bans
  6. While Botting I made a few pauses and also chatted with people like I would (in this case mining) do it myself
  7. could be wrong though
  8. Similarly received a 48 hour ban just now (RS3). Last botted a few days ago so its taken time to come around. Only botted for a few hours! Will not be using the Runemate client for the foreseeable future as I was babysitting my bot, so Jagex's detection system seems on point. Good luck sorting it out; I would help out if I could but don't have level 120 coding yet.
  9. @The Intrigued spectre is about to come out just wait a bit before you lose hope.
  10. I don't get why people are so fking desperate after some experience lmao. Get it together and wait for spectre.
  11. I haven't lost hope! In fact I'm very much looking forward to Spectre :)
  12. 48h bans are all manual. Don't bot in famous botting areas e.g. yews east of ge. Otherwise, you're pretty much done for.
  13. Got banned as soon as i logged in.
  14. im salty af i didnt even log in on runemate and i got a perma
  15. Delayed ban then.
    Jagex does this to confuse botters so they don't exactly know when they got banned.
  16. yeah , all my runemate accounts are permed or with 48 hrs the ones that i botted on pb is fine and running.
  17. been banned for using auto walker , i set it to traverly fell asleep. woke up 6 hours later and the account is banned. the account was made that morning....
  18. Sorry but that story is funny af lol :D
  19. I am not, i just warn some people ;)
  20. 48 hours here on an account I've been blatantly botting on,

    23-Dec-2015 Bot Busting Moderate (ban)
    Banned: Your account will be available again in 2 days, or earlier if you submit a successful offence appeal.

    Why wouldn't they just perm ban it lol?

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