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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by vipertrek79, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. For OSRS. Very simple, needs to be able to pick a target, then select one or more curses to alternate through and curse said target. If any of the bot authors need more info just write here and I'll answer your questions :) Have a merry christmas and happy new year and stuff :p
  2. You're in luck that I'm bored over the holidays and I needed this bot too :)
    The bot is working and is currently in code review (This whole code review thing is taking longer than I expected...)
  3. Sweet, can't wait for that and the smither :D Will the curse bot you wrote allow for multiple curses at once in an alternate rotation? For example, Curse, then Weaken, then Confuse, then Weaken, then Curse etc. All randomized of course.
  4. Oh, do they like stack for more XP? I'll add that real quick :)
  5. I wouldn't say they stack, but sometimes your curse will actually hit the target, instead of splashing, so you have to wait 5-10 seconds before you can sue the same curse again :) So being able to alternate between certain curses would prevent that :D
  6. If you're in proper splashing gear I'm fairly sure that won't happen. Also, so you weren't talking about just picking a random spell every time you cast?
  7. It could be a random curse, as long as the player has the runes and magic level required. As for proper splashing gear I don't have 40+ Range yet on a new account I'm testing. I suppose I could just level it up, it would just be nice to Alternate it so the player isn't casting the same spell over and over for hours, especially since you can't auto cast them, to my knowledge anyways.
  8. I added a random option just for you :3
  9. Aww, I hope that wasn't too much work!!! :D Any idea on how much longer it will be in code review? I'm not sure if they tell the bot authors as far as how long roughly from when it starts being reviewed till it finishes as an estimate
  10. It varies... But it's been taking longer since they're focusing their efforts on the release of spectre. Hopefully it will be out this week :)
  11. No worries :D I'll keep an eye out :) Thank you.
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  13. Kind of, released 4 bots at once...

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