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  1. Welcome To Cyra Services
    Order cheap and fast powerleveling and questing here
    Contact details
    Pm me
    Skype: EnglishCallum
    Prices are negotiable , contact me on Skype to inqure about prices.
    Payment methods
    1. You must have the required skills to make an order.
    2. You must remove all wealthy items that you have on account to another or protect it with bank pin.
    3. I am not responsible for any bans/mutes during/after the service.
    4. You will go first or we can use a Middle Man (your fees).
    5. I have rights to decline any order.
    6. You have to change your password right after I complete your order.
    7. You must not change password or try to login during the service.
    8. You can't cancel an order if it is already started (no refund).
    9. You must provide all items or gold that are needed to complete the quest.

    Order form
    Powerleveling or questing :
    Quest or Skill and level:
    Skype name(optional):
    Payment method:​
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  2. Nice thread, if you are looking for graphics i'm your guy!
  3. There is an asterisk (*) after the bans ToS indicating that there is more information, but I don't see it? Think you forgot.
  4. sorry about that I don't know why I put a asterisk there , been removed
  5. Cool stuff, may be interested in this service in the future depending on prices.
  6. ok if you would like any quotes feel free to ask me :)

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