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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by D3dly, May 26, 2015.

  1. Hello guys this is D3dly, some of you may know me from powerbot. For those who don't, I would always troll random and annoy some members/staff in pm and when I got banned I would make several appeals until I'd get unbanned. Unfortunately it didn't work out this last time as I've been banned from that community for over a year now so I thought I'd start fresh with a new botting community hopefully with a new attitude this time around.
  2. Hello and welcome. I remember you.
  3. Welcome to RuneMate! I don't think you should start trolling here though, because we have a very competent moderator here; the one and only EvilCabbage. He alone is of greater value than Paris, Chris, Coma + every other PB mods. He'll torment and haunt you forever if you do something naughty;)
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  4. You're damn right, new attitude. Here is no place for trolls.

    @EvilCabbage ^^ Did I do good?
  5. Hi boii
    Are you here for community or do you play/bot aswell?
  6. I am here to bot, I noticed the computer hardware guru yubibotter also transferred to this site so I will be asking him for some recommendations on a build suitable to bot a few accounts as the current pc I have is almost 9 years and freezes when running just one bot
  7. My pc is pretty shit too, currently saving some money to buy a new one. If I press the windwos start button I have to wait about 20 secs for it to open the actual menu...
  8. Welcome to RuneMate and glad to have you on board.

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