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    Apr 11, 2015
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    Hi, I'm dabzdabzdabz, I may be new to this community, I was referred here by Factionless, if you guys know him, Anyways I'm here to offer power-leveling and Quest services.
    Things I can do:
    I can do just about any quest, Prices will vary on quests.
    Powerleveling is quick and reliable.
    To discuss prices and more details add my skype drip_barrage.


    By accepting my T.O.S, you are agreeing to stay off of the account until serices are done. If you do login as the service is being done, I will calculate what I did get done and that'll be that cost, as logging in during my serices cancels the service.
    By accepting my T.O.S, You are agreeing to not change account information during service, If you do so, please contact me before doing so, otherwise service will be canceled.

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