Dark Chopper 1.0.0

Chops logs and banks in Lumbridge GE!

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  2. Lumbridge G.E?!?

    Does darkscape have a different setup? I have yet to play it.
  3. Yes, there are 3 different GE's located in DarkScape, one at Lumbridge, the Varrock GE, and a Wilderness GE.
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  4. Excited to see a scripter for Darkscape. Any chance of you supporting higher tier locations? There's a lack of it right now.
  5. Tbh, I thought I removed this from the svn source, but I guess not. So, I deleted the source folder on my side, but I can look into re-writing this with support for higher tier trees. I would like to make a GUI if I do so, I just need to find a decent tutorial on making one. :p
  6. I think @proxi could explain the basics to you about making a GUI, his is very neat and simple. It would be awesome, it looks like no one has higher tier tree support for Darkscape (or other resources for that matter)
  7. I'll ask him about his!
  8. @Scourge I used JavaFX for my GUIs, however that takes a little bit of time to set up and a little more experience with GUIs.

    If you're interested in starting out with JavaFX, here's a great tutorial. https://www.runemate.com/community/threads/javafx-for-beginners.1332/

    Other than JavaFX, java uses something called Swing. It's a lot simpler, however the GUIs you make are not near as customizable.
    With swing, you can literally just create a new class, extend JFrame and then create JObjects (JComboBox, JButton, etc.) and add them to your JPanel.

    You'll have to look up a tutorial on both, in short though, Swing is easier to learn than JavaFX with the lack of some functionality.

    P.S. I can send you an old Swing GUI I used for a cooker.
  9. Yeah, I tried to look at the tutorial you linked and it was alright. I have some small experience with Swing from the past, but yeah if you wouldn't mind sending the old GUI that would be perfect man.
  10. Cheers for the bot, giving it a go now and I'll update with some progress reports.
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