DarkBots Development Thread

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  1. Introduction
    DarkBots are the beginning of a new breed. Hand-crafted by a dedicated developer with years of experience over a multitude of clients, utilising a framework that has undergone over a year of development, DarkBots aim to bring the most stylish and robust botting experience imaginable!

    DarkAPI Features:

    • Task Scheduling
    • Custom WebWalker (Default WebWalker as fallback)
    • Task-based bots
    • Various anti-ban features
    • JavaFX UI
    • Functional on any version of RS

    Planned Features:

    • Equipment/inventory/ loadouts


    • None

    In Development:

    • Dark Fighter
    • Dark Chopper

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  2. Plz help me, the roundness in the GUI is raping my eyes.

    What is ETA?
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  3. fake and gay.
  4. Shitbot
  5. Not real
  6. ETA on the fighter? I should be done by next weekend, gathering web data will be a bitch so it'll probably only use default at that point.
    Also, the roundness is dank shutup

    Edit: I'm going to shit all over your all-in-one.
  7. Looks real naice;)
  8. I can hear Arbiter already fapping.
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  9. I give zero shits.
  10. New GUIs!
    EDIT: Removed, they were uglier than Exia
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  11. What's the go with the Stop and Done buttons?
  12. Since the GUI is generally rendered on top of the client, it makes for easy access to play/pause and stop functions. The "Done" button is for when you finish configuring a task, which when clicked adds it to the list.
  13. I meant why do they seem different to the Play/Pause button in shape?
  14. Just a layout discrepancy, and as you saw in the Slack channel, I amended this :p
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    Dark Fighter with basic functinality and Dark Chopper almost ready. Need to gather bank locations and web data for OSRS and RS3, if anyone could help with that please PM me as it would be greatly appreciated.

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