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  1. General Notation
    The purpose of this thread is to theorize on the period of time in which the ban wave will occur on Darkscape by looking at the history of ban intervals and how it occurred in Old School when it was implemented. So let me hit you all with a couple of simple questions to get started and see where this discussion takes us.

    Estimation Questions
    How long are the intervals between massive ban waves on RS3?
    Deemed N/A for Darkscape

    How long after the implementation of Old School did they recieve their first ban wave?
    OSRS Launch: 22 February 2013
    First Recorded Ban Wave: 04 September 2013
    Initial Estimation of Single Bans: Late May Early June

    DarkScape Launch: Sep 16, 2015
    Expected First Ban Wave: After 25 December 2015 - Before 14 February 2016
    Estimation of Initial Bans Expected: Halloween -> Thanksgiving

    General Ban Questions
    How often if ever, are bans done based on IP Addresses or something similar, which results in a ban of an account other than your bot?
    No this is not possible for Jagex to do, legally.

    Do these massive ban waves connect other accounts to them via IP Address?
    Once again, no.
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  2. interesting thanks for sharing (y)
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  3. No problem. Just doing my part to help out. (y)
  4. Nice thread. :)
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  5. Awesome Thread, but the estimated ban wave for darkscape went way off tho, already been a mass ban wave :(
  6. How is everyone going after the ban wave? anymore bans? is it very unsafe?
  7. I lost 6 out of 10 accs today. Something must have been going on today.....
  8. I was really afraid of that :/
  9. got a 14 day macroing minor ban today
  10. Tbh, I will cry if I get banned but I've been doing good so far.
  11. I'm still going strong, no stopping till 99/99 ;)
  12. Post your progress! For science!
  13. Lol I just stopped the script bot and hopped worlds before checking, had it running since about 11:00am EST - 7:45pm EST
  14. My main got banned today, because I was an idiot and ran a fishing bot to 90 fishing on it.


    Just be careful when running money making bots like that on your mains, because I'm 90% sure that's what did it.
  15. you'd be right because my ban came from doing a couple hours of fire rune running
  16. got perm banned mining gold in remmington overnight , ban came in morning though , also got a ban on another acct that was 88 theving ( 14day ban )

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