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  1. Was wondering if RuneMate is planning on adding in support for the new game - DarkScape? Would be interesting to see!
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  2. I'll be making private ones with custom AI to counter pkers.
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  3. Could i use it?
  4. I am making private bots. I made one yesterday. Its pretty good game but someidiots are killing you allll the fkin time
  5. I will only do paid private bot commissions for DS. If I release a public bot with DS-specific logic overuse of it will cause legits to kill users of the bot. Players are very quick to accuse others of being a bot on DS.
  6. To clarify for users coming to this page through Google: Yes RuneMate supports DarkScape botting. First to do so too I believe. :D
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  7. Supports already or will support?
  8. Already supports.
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  9. Where can I find scripts bots for it?

    Or do I just open up the client, it will prompt me to choose DarkScape, then use RS3 scripts bots?
  10. RS3 bots work.
  11. Cool

    Thanks :)
  12. i have yet to find working bots on darkscape
  13. same, I've tried quite a few
  14. Well if you want them to work you need to be more specific than that, we the bot authors most likely aren't going to go and check all our bots and make sure they're working correctly on darkscape so you need to let us know if they're not working and if not, details on what happens so we can resolve the issue. Especially when some of use have 30+ bots on the bot store. If we aren't told about an issue, it most likely won't get fixed.
  15. Alot of the big issue involve the games mechanics of getting pked.

    Need to support running back to start again bank more often make sure it doesn't attack a player ever. Fishing lobs in karamja is a pain atm any only works with maxi cause they only have lobs in karamja now/fishing guild.

    You get pked you end up losing your notes it makes, and you can't tp anywhere using lodestone with any item in the inventory or equipped so it has to manually bank more often or else you end up losing everything anyways
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  16. Cloud is working on a separate web for darksacape to handle the teleport restrictions. Yeah so basically you should just be wary about the bots you use as darkscape is new and we haven't had enough time to actually add real support for it in our bots yet.
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