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  1. So far Botting on DarkScape has been fantastic No bans yet on any of my accounts

    RuneSpan Progress:
    I think it's broken because i've only leaved 90 times & gained 6.3M EXP

    I've also went from 1-62 WC on my other account in 35 hours chopping regular logs with a total profit of:
  2. Nice progress! Can you give me some details on how long/ often youve been running the runespan bot?
  3. Honestly I've been running the runespan bot day and night with minimal breaks. It's crazy that i havent been banned yet.
  4. Good stuff!
  5. What GE do you use?
  6. I will find you and I will kill you.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. No one has been banned on Darkscape yet. Expect a massive ban wave.

  9. \
    All goods if I get banned. I'm just playing for a little fun. (Current RC Level 92)
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  10. Wanna hook a brother up with some natures?
  11. Good luck killing someone with 70 + melee stats,
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    I haven't started doing Nat runs yet, When I get 99 I'll start em XD
  12. what woodcutting bot did you use?
  13. When you start Nats want to hook me up?
  14. Don't know, I could sell you them. for a cheaper price I guess
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    MaxiWoodcutter, I run this bot on 3 accounts for 22 hours aday. running them for 15 hours on normal logs should get you to level 50 & around 3000 logs.
  15. Thanks :D
  16. broo wanna add me in-game and gimmeh some stuff? :D
  17. y wud i wana do that? just setup some accounts chopping reg logs and ur good
  18. [​IMG]

    Thank me for crashing lobby prices. <3 (Not literally, I never undersell)
  19. I was wondering if anymore progress has been made regarding this. I've been getting banned very consistently lately, however, I was using a different client. Basically, I'm wondering, as of 11/11/15, which bots can handle being on for 20+ hours without bans, should I take additional measures, etc. Thank you for any help!
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