Darkscape Botting Progress

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by ledaal10, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Hello and welcome to my thread about my progress now i've only just started the bot up and made myself an account, but here is my progress about 2 hrs in botting

    2 Hours (Start of day 1)
    Gonna focus on some magic now, and try to get it to 50.

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  2. What bot did you use for 50 runecrafting in 2 hours?

    what bot are you gonna use for 50 magic?
  3. Nice man.
  4. I went from 1-87 RC in 60 hours.
  5. Good luck mate!
  6. Nice Good Luck :D !
  7. I made an account and fell asleep cutting oaks in varrok, woke up @ level 60 lol.

    Would be awesome if you listed what you did for that day and what bot you used as well, cheers.
  8. I used houndspan for 50 rc and massfighter for 50magic
  9. What is your setup for magic?

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