Dark [DARKSCAPE] Looking to start a bot farm

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by QuickRSGold, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Anyone with experience with this please guide me in the right direction.

    1. My budget is 340$

    2. I currently got a proxies provide "Socks5"

    3. I need to know which is a good option. I would do linux VPS/DEDI but its a hit and miss with compatibility with runemate. So windows would be the option. What kind of specs am I looking for?

    4. Any providers you recommend?

    5. Also i got a private scripter for private bots so no worries on that end.
  2. Provider: DigitalOcean seems really cool and they give you free shit on their service.. I've tried them out back in the day..

    They are reliable, and have tons of good reviews

    Did I mention cheap?
  3. I actually just bought a dedi from this last night waiting to receive it.
  4. They're good but the support is sometimes a bit slow. That's the only remark.

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