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    Visit us at DSGPBETS.COM

    The very first Darkscape gambling website, with a lot of free daily activities. Have a look at our website and join our gambling tables!

    Dsgpbets is a fun way to gamble for Darkscape gp, we are online since October 14th and our player database is growing rapidly. Join poker tables for regular poker games and if you don't know how to play poker you can join the all-in tables for a 50/50 winrate.

    For now we only offer poker, we are planning to create a dice game and some other gambling games.

    Free rolls!
    25M+ total freerolls every week!

    100k every hour.
    1M Everyday at 8 PM GMT(0)
    500K Everyday at 11 PM GMT(0)
    5M welcome tournament at 10/19/2015 8:30 PM GMT(0)
    10M welcome tournament at 10/22/2015 10:30 PM GMT(0)


    Fast Cash-ins & Cash-outs
    Our team of chiptraders are fast and secure, Use the live-chat button at the right-bottom of the screen and follow the instructions from one of our chiptraders.

    Poker Games
    We offer a few different poker games so everyone can play their own style of poker.

    - No-Limit Hold'em (normal poker)
    - All-In games (50/50 winrate)
    - Ohama (Hi-Lo)(Another stype of poker)
    - 1VS1 Sit & Go's (tournaments for 2 players)
    - Large tournaments
    - Lots of freerolls

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in this thread.

    Are you ready to make some millions? Join us at:
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  2. Can anyone confirm if legit or not? Not trying to lose my precious earned gps
  3. As owner of the website I can give you some stats:

    - Over 300 daily Unique visitors since the last 3 days.
    - We have 6 Chiptraders, that means that you can cash-in or cash-out almost 24/7
    - Always around 15-25 players logged in.
    - more than 10.000 hands played in only 3-4 days.
    - Over 50m deposited since 3-4 days.
    - Cashed out everyone without problems, no major problems happend with a customer so far.

    Your own experience is the most trustable, come and join us with only 50K like a loth of other players do to test the game and join our great community.

  4. Register doesn't work for me nor logging in.
  5. There was a DDos attack last night, it is solved now and you will be able to register and login.
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    Now live at www.dsgpbets.com

  6. Vouch for them, Been playing and withdrawn 1.2m so far
  7. Our players gaining some money!


    2M+ giveaways later today, come and join us!
  8. vouch cashed in and out over 10m+ darkscape gold really nice group
  9. Thanks, here a game of you playing a 5M all in game!

  10. is this not working anymore?
  11. The owner went MIA. Still owes me cpl mill ds :|
  12. Dead, lock?

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