Darkscape Prayer pot bot + xfer?

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  1. Would it be possible for a bot to make an account, skip the tutorial bullshit, drop all the starter items, teleport to burth, get the 5 free prayer pots + other shit (Would have to drop 5 falador tabs + steel full helm because of 25K limit) and trade it to a user? Its around 23K GP per account.

    Accounts dont have to be verified, for example yesterday I was making accounts like this
    Username: Fkejfejfi,
    Email: [email protected],
    Pword: ekijgfeijfeijfiej

    Even if you had to accept the items, could it be done? :D
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  2. Its a good way of making GP if you play or to just sell it tbh. it gets a bit boring after the 20th account
  3. Where is the guy that gives you the free stuff, and where in burthorpe is he located?
    Edit: Already found it. sold all the stuff for 19k total. If someone could make a bot of this.. that would be epic
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  4. it was possible 2 weeks ago, but jagex made a anti-bot thing... there is ways to bypass this by using a software, but the software is private and i expensive as fuck. sorry man but i dont think this will be possible unless someone is willing to pay tons of irl cash :(
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