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  1. I will pay for a working set of bots, you tell me what they will cost. This is what they must be able to do:

    Mining: Mine Iron, efficiently, and bank it. The bot needs to be able to run back to the mine when it dies.

    Fishing: Fish Tuna/Swordfish + Sharks in the fishing guild, efficiently, and bank it.

    Woodcutting: Chop Maples in seers village, efficiently, and bank it. The bot does need to be able to run back to the trees when it dies.

    Cooking: Cook a selected item from the Catherby bank, cook it on the range and bank it.

    Fletching: Fletch from a bank, Bows, Stringing, Feathering Arrows, and Heading Arrows.
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  2. Wait, what makes them different between rs3 and darkscape?
  3. The bank. Every widget I have encountered is failing to bank properly. Otherwise I think they are nearly identical from a botting perspective. The ability for the bot to run back to its place when it dies is different too.
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  4. @Cloud says banking should be completely operational. Can you verify? Also we're looking into making web walking fully compatible.
  5. Hello Cloud, which bots are support Darkscape?
  6. Technically all RS3 bots can be run in DarkScape. Some work better than others, because DarkScape is very new and Bot Authors haven't added special support for it. Just find your favorite bot and if you find any issues in DarkScape report it to the author.
  7. Thank you very much
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    If you could help me one more time I can't find the TFA in my drop under my name. Help?

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