Darkscape Shark Fisher 1.0.3

Fishes sharks in Burgh de Rott

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    Darkscape Shark Fisher - Fishes sharks in Burgh de Rott

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  2. What quests are required to get there?
  3. why does it keep clicking harpoon fishing spot every 1.5 seconds?
  4. Was working fine for me, is it just clicking away as you are fishing or just clicks more than once if you lag?
  5. it's clicking away as i'm fishing when the spot hasn't disappeared
  6. Can you run the developer runemate and go fish, then tell me the animation id you are getting. It's probably because it thinks you aren't fishing so you might be using something different.
  7. The local player's target is the fishing spot while fishing; you can simply check to see if you are currently interacting with anything to determine whether you are fishing or not.
  8. Do you have any examples of that?
  9. Check if Players.getLocal().getTarget() is null. If true, interact with the nearest fishing spot.
  10. Thanks! Going to test that out now.
    Edit: Got everything working, and pushed the update.
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  11. i still seem to be spam clicking harpoon fishing spot and i'm not sure how to open runemate in dev mode =/
  12. gotcha, thanks
  13. Working great thanks mate
  14. Thanks for everyones feedback! Feel free to post progress.
  15. Runs great. Sometimes Vampyres attack but other than that no obstructions.
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  16. I will put out an update later tonight on that. My last update still hasn't been reviewed. I just need to make the area a bit smaller so it doesn't run that far out.
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    So I just completely redid the code and I noticed some of you getting killed by the Vampyres. Hopefully this will be fixed, and I'm currently working on replying if someones says bot or something like that in chat
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 19, 2015 ---
    If someone says bot in chat the bot will now reply one of these, I set it to reply a max of 10 times incase someone like spams bot in chat and the bot replies each time.

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  17. If you are online can you please help me. When I die it right clicks board on the boat to get back but does not accept the addition dialog which asks "Do you want to get on the ship" Yes No or something like that. Is there any fix for this?
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    Along with that. Manually bypassing this it keeps clicking on the water while trying to walk back after death,
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 21, 2015 ---
    Changing all my chat and stuff to tiny boxes fixed it. Sorry about that.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 21, 2015 ---
    Nvm didnt fix, RIP

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