Dark Darkscape Thieving Moneymaking?

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by sahas10, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. What is the best way to make money by thieving in darkscape?
  2. I'm no expert when it comes to Thieving, but safe cracking is decent money if I recall correctly.
  3. Where can
    Where can you do this?
  4. Rogue's Den
  5. Do you know what the level req. and gp/h is?
  6. No problem.
  7. I checked and there are no bots for wall safes. Any other ideas?
  8. I can possibly try looking into making one later if I have time later.
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  9. Ok I would REALLY appreciate if you could
  10. Pyramid plunder is good money I heard?
  11. Back in my day, was pickpocketing heroes or elves.

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