OSRS Dat Banhammer :(

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by XCRunner, Dec 18, 2014.

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    Got it <24 hours after creation of account, only had used Runemate and only using Mass Fighter by @Ozzy and MaxiFisher by @Aidden
  2. Fishing is dangerous, man. Especially on new accounts.
  3. never bot fishing in osrs i botted for days left it one night fishing got banned lol
  4. I've had the same experience with new accounts on osrs. If you want to bot osrs i suggest using a slightly older account.
  5. What's weird is my other 2 bots aren't banned...

    I remember walking into VWest on some world and saw like 20 bots, all who had fishing ~70.... Idk, Barb fishing seems to be the best thing to F2P bot
  6. Once an account hits a certain age you can do w/e the fuck you want on it.
  7. Fishing is also one of the most watched skills. Maybe next time choose a different skill to start with
  8. I highly advise you not to bot with fresh accounts but with older accounts, to bot in p2p and to act like you're a normal player and having done some quests (optional) The idea is to blend in. Goodluck with the next account :)
  9. Do you recommend not to bot fishing at all?
  10. Don't bot it unless your account is old/high levelled.
  11. I am trying the maxifishing script bot and when fishing lobby it just drops them when I have a full inv instead of banking. How do I change that?
  12. I believe that bot doesn't support banking.
  13. I'm assuming you've got anywhere selected which means it's going to powerfish them because it's not running from a specific location. I'm assuming you're at karamja so select karamja as the area first.
    It does.
  14. It does? Awesome!
  15. Sorry I am fairly new to this. On my location options I only have Anywhere, Barbarian Village, and Draynor.
  16. False. My account is as old as it gets and i recently got a 3 day ban
  17. 2-3 day bans usually come from player reports I've heard.
  18. I believe those short bans are 'bot busting moderate' bans which basically means a J-Mod went out, analyzed your account and spotted you botting.
  19. Hard to blend in with 20k vs 70k average
  20. Sucks bro, ive always babysat when i bot. i never nolife bot it

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