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Imbue All Types of Runes!

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    Dawg Abyss Runecrafting - Imbue All Types of Runes!

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  2. doesnt start, for me atleast..

    at com.daugherty2016.bots.AbyssDawg.AbyssDawg.this(j:334)
    at com.daugherty2016.bots.AbyssDawg.AbyssDawg.onLoop(j:115)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.LoopingScript.run(sxa:172)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(oab:72)
    at nul.iiIIIIiIiiii.run(hqb:31)
  3. I saw, plz try it one more time :p
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    Nevermind, you have tried 4 times lol. Let me see what's going on
  4. Yo. I'll test it once I have done the requirements

    ok so..

    Maybe some nice additions:
    Pray for range + pray points restore @ bank with potions or something
    Using preset 1 or 2 to bank
    Make use of the ability Surge, for less run time.
    Make use of Amulet of glory tp, its not free but its more efficient so worth.

    havent tested it with pouches yet (cuz i have to get the pouches myself some time)
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  5. The bot keeps repeating the lodestone tele at the altar, the wait time needs to be increased.
  6. This bot is broken. It doesnt click teleport on the mage, it crashes when teleporting to edge or when it opens the bank. Is there settings to this or is it just not working atm? i see u posted something to a number member telling him to read the new update, but when i click it all it says is the "the bots name" v3

    I tried this without legacy interfaces and without rune pouches, and it seems to work.
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    Are you planing on adding/fixing pouces soon? i think it would double the gp/h if it used pouches (pouches dont work or im doing something wrong)
  7. I definitely agree with these^^
    Also, do you think you could include use of the demonic skull for extra xp/hr?
  8. i was thinking of maybe using presets in bank instead of finding items will speed this script bot up
  9. It would, i can add the option, would it be present 1? I dont play rs3 often so i have no clue what you guys prefer.
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    Sorry for taking so long to reply, it seems i am somehow not getting notifications for this bot thread. But the problem with these is the bot isnt trustworthy enough to not kill the player, or at least my player. Have you not died using this? And is teleporting still messed up? It was working for me, make sure you use legacy mode.
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    My reasoning for not supporting rune pouches is because the bot seems to have some bugs in the abyss causing the player to die, correct me if im wrong and you havent died.
  10. Yes this is true, but then again i was a level 30 with 35 defence and 30 hp so idk really, i tried 1 run on my main then stoped the bot because i didnt want to be banned, but i did everything correctly. well i had no rune pouches but if i did it would of crashed while re banking but it didnt.
  11. Bot did a full run, teleported back to edgeville, opened bank and this error pops up:

    at com.daugherty2016.bots.AbyssDawg.AbyssDawg.onLoop(m:243)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.LoopingScript.run(xcb:106)
    at com.runemate.game.api.script bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(bza:217)
    at nul.iiiiiIiIIIII.run(jmb:16)

    If you need more information, lemme know :)
  12. I think i got it, thanks for the report. I believe it has something to do with finding essence from the bank. Should be fixed in next update :D
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  13. Thanks! I also (highly) recommend preset support, as it would speed up this bot. Most of the time, the bot has trouble with banking/withdrawing, so just pressing "1" would speed it up a lot!

    Overall, ran it for couple of hours, 0 big problems so far!
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  14. I will look into present support today and try to add it as it is very slow banking. Did the bot kill you a few times? Because i need to know if it is safe to add support for rune pouches. Next update will make it deposit the inventory and then use present 1 and withdraw. :D Thanks for the help and advice!
  15. Thanks. No it didn't kill me... I was on a fairly empty world though ^^
  16. Seriously! I would die like 1/3 of the time. But my defense was like 30 lol. Since it's not killing, I will make the bot do the presents and fill rune pouches if they are in the present! Glad it doesn't kill you!
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  17. Yea I have around 70 defence though, that might be why ;)
    Sometimes the monsters will get me to around 60% HP , but it's not a big deal for me.

    Low level players will get killed, I'm sure of that.

    Edit: The bot doesn't have to deposit if you have presets setup. The bot can just click "1" or "2" and it will deposit all and withdraw the correct items.

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