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Collect Marks and gain Levels!

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    Dawg Agility - Collect Marks and gain Levels!

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  2. Issue with the Al-kharid rooftop, It fails to climb the rough wall, just stands.
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  3. For al kharid i have to manually click someone of the things but other than that its good, and i have to click starting spot
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  4. Thanks for telling me! Rough Walls on every course are glitched and hard to fix. I am working on it right now. Update coming soon.
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    Al kharid will be fixed soon, in next update! It may still struggle for a few seconds, but no longer. If it does please tell me when you are using version (0.2.0)
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 29, 2016 ---
    Version (0.2.0) has been pushed! Once it is passed the bugs should be fixed...
  5. In OSRS Canifis it sometimes get stuck in last but one roof in the course, position (3487, 3476, 3) .
    Is an area just outside the room.
    I think sometimes the client bugs and doesn't complete the movement and stays at a weird position.
    Happens to me once every 15 minutes.[​IMG]
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  6. Thanks for the specifics to the bug! Fix will come in next update which will be pushed tonight! How is everything else with the bot?
  7. In general its pretty good, I know it early in development and all.
    You are doing a good job man! Keep it up!
    Also... please add the current level to the UI if you can! That would be great.
  8. Sure! That will be easy! I am at canifis right now applying the fix
    --- Double Post Merged, May 1, 2016, Original Post Date: Apr 30, 2016 ---
    Fixed! Now just need to push! Also added current leve
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  9. I'm running the Gnome obstacle course but it sometimes restarts at the log balance eventhough the course isn't finished yet.
  10. Nice!! Ty!
  11. Hmmm, i will go there and look to find where it restarts at so that i can fix it
    --- Double Post Merged, May 1, 2016, Original Post Date: May 1, 2016 ---
    Ok so i fixed the restarting bug by making the bot only go across the log if it was just inside of the agility course. It needs to be in the area before the log and inside of the obstacle course to start working...
    --- Double Post Merged, May 1, 2016 ---
    I pushed the update last night, should be passed any time! Please notify me if any new ones appear or any more additions you would like for me to add!
  12. Does this support the Seer's Village teleport to bank after completing the course?

    From Wiki:

    56k XP/hour if you have completed the hard tasks in the Kandarin Diary to toggle the camelot teleport to seers' bank, so as to teleport as soon as you finish a lap.

    If not, would you consider adding it?
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