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Burning through your logs for you!

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    Dawg Firemaking - Burning through your logs for you!

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  2. how exactly does the rectangle work? do I type in a multiplier of length x width or is it a perfect square from the centre of the marker?
  3. It's actually a circle i think lol :D
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    Oh nvm, it's a rectangle with the length and width you provide i think. Not sure, havent touched this bot in a while. Will revisit it eventually
  4. - Varrock east
    - OSRS
    - Burns the logs then just sits in bank
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    sits in bank and just tries to burn the log in bank.
  5. I've heard this from multiple people and i will get to rewriting this bot as soon as classes end for me. which is in two weeks.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply, appreciate it.
    Good luck on classes! <3
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