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Release your inner animal!

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    Dawg Hunter Beta - Release your inner animal!

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  2. Glad to see OSRS hunter section getting attention!

    I'll be able to run hunting dawg tonight, I'll get back to you and let you know how it goes.
    How's the progress on the account you were training hunter with?
  3. I got like 34 from it in 2 days. Be aware that if another player comes it screws everything up, I noticed because I lost all of my traps last night lol. But when nobody is around it should work well. I am going to try and figure out a way to know if a trap is yours or someone else's in next update
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely watch over it while it's running and see if I can bring back any information that could further the growth of hunting dawg

    You should be able to mess around with swamp lizards/salamanders at lv29. You probably won't have to worry about other people setting up near you since most people would hop worlds if they see the trees already being used
  5. There problem is I can't go to Morytania because I haven't done that quest. But I may do it since it isn't hard.
  6. oh fuck that's right that requires a quest sorry I forgot

    If you'd like I can sponsor you with some stamina pots, teleport tabs,runes,food and the quest items, just shoot me a PM and I'll get you those items
    I would offer an account but I haven't done the quest on it either LOL
  7. All good, I will definitely try to add salamanders, whether it's when i am able to do orange or if i do the quest. Along with chins :p
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  8. omfg thanks dude gonna test 1-29 soon
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  9. Reply to this post with new animal requests:p
  10. would love to see an efficient box trap chinning task completed using hotkeys at RS3 for max xp/gp an hour. Might be too advanced im not too sure but as a user, that would be very nice :) thanks for all the work @awesome123man
  11. Ran hunting dawg for a little over an hour, managed to get level 9-29.
    I watched it the entire time. It got the job done with a couple mistakes that happened maybe twice over the entire session. I'm not too sure how much damage these mistakes could do if the bot was unsupervised. I paused the script bot to deal with it manually then unpaused

    It was a rare occurrence, but while setting up a bird snare, the bot left clicked underneath my character and cancelled the trap from being setup. I waited maybe 2 or 3 seconds while my character was standing still before I paused and setup the snare. I assume this happened to double check if my character was standing in the right place.

    The next one probably isn't related to hunting dawg specifically since I've had this happen to me on a few other scripts bots, but after leveling up the bot was stuck on the dialogue text. I waited about 5 seconds, paused and unpaused the script bot. Started working again after that

    Some proggies :
    Lv 9 - 19 @ Copper tails

    I forgot why I stopped the script bot here @ Tropical birds

    Lv X ~ 29 @ Tropical birds

    Overall it went well for the first day of release, as always thanks for your work awesomeman (y)
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  12. Glad to see it working, i will need to add some more info to the statistics tab :D
    Also i will try to see if i can fix the bugs, but what i causes the clicking where the player is standing already is that for some reason the bot thinks the player is not on the right spot, when it is, I dont know why. :p
    But i did try to add some failsafes incase those bugs happen, so most of the time it should pick up the traps before they disappear.

    BTW, I am adding Deadfall traps in next update, should work a bit more flawlessly than this :D
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  13. chins plz all of the chins :) this would be the best new update but right now its really good compared to the other ones out there but keep it up.
  14. Every animal I use to get to red chins will be added. So after bird snares I add dead falls, then salamanders I think, then chins
  15. thanks you so much
  16. fuck yeah I'm glad you're adding deadfall traps, I was worried that I'd either have to level hunter legitly to get to salamanders or bot birds until 40+

    not to add onto the work load, but if you ever stumble in the falconry, that place is like lv43 to 59. If not, this is still great news to wake up to
  17. I will need to learn how falconry works, but I may totally add it
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    I already pushed the update for deadfalls, now just waiting for it to be passed, I am hoping it will be pretty flawless! :D
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  18. Hey, is this for OSRS only?

    Great work btw, sounds promising.
  19. Yes, I may add rs3 support later though if it is requested.
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  20. sorry @awesom123man i just realised as i started your script bot last night and got upto 40 hunter, it is only left click to re-build a trap,i thought you had to dismantle and then relay traps, so ignore my previous request, and cant wait for chins to be added, i have it at cobalt skillchompas @ celestial hunter so im ready to test ll the high level hunter content upon release.

    Thanks :)

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