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Mining that ore without a bore!

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    Dawg Mining - Mining that ore without a bore!

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  2. Yep! I will remove red post once it's updated!
  3. Currently using your script bot, the lumbridge powerminer is doing great. I appreciate the fact that the power mining doesn't drop gems and I'm glad to see mining scripts bots are getting some love/updates on RuneMate. Will update on your barbarian village coal mining/banking when I get there.

    For future updates do you think it'll be possible to add Rimmington iron ore and Falador Mining Guild for coal?
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  4. Thanos for the feedback! I can definitely add rimmington! But the mining guild is above my level which mayyyyy make things difficult. Currently however, I am at a graduation party and won't be back until tomorrow. But I will get to it asap.
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    @Boobeh,version 0.0.9 will include Rimmington, which was pushed right now, so should be released soon!
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  6. Could you add clay-support in varrock mine?
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  7. I am sorry It isnt working right now for Rimmington. I found the problem and i have pushed an update that will fix it! Thanks for the bug report!

    Yes, it will be in next update which has been pushed!

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  8. Hey thanks for the quick update! A suggestion if possible: could you make an option to only mine the most north clay rock in varrock west? The single clay rock. Because there muggers won't attack you ;)
  9. Sure, that will require some UI changes but I will try to have that in next update.
    Sorry i havent gotten to it yet. I was adding other features and it got more complicated than i had hoped. Right now the bot only supports V west mining spot. But i will look into adding V east in next update which will include clay. Not sure about the one rock only thing though, since that will require adding an option to the UI and messing with my main mining code which may cause other problems. :D
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  10. Hey man I need adamanite ore support in al kharid with world hoping as well as runite support.
  11. World hopping is something i have not been able to figure out well. It's something i am still trying to figure out. Hopefully i will have it supported soon!
  12. Hey man. For some reason banking tin ore at barb village doesnt work for me. Can you see if it works for you/

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