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Siphon your way to 99 Runecrafting!

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    Dawg Runespan - Siphon your way to 99 Runecrafting!

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  2. Awesome. Is the middle level supported? It's just saying 'Starting bot...' when I launch it after adding nodes/wraiths to siphon from.

    edit: Tried starting the bot in the middle level with the low level option, and it starts this time around.
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  3. Yeah sorry. i havent made it completely bug free :D I still have some bugs, starting it outside Runespan and sometimes when below 25 rune essence which i will fix. :p
  4. Good luck with this resource. I am going to keep up with this thread and development. Once it is bug free, I'll use it on my account and maybe drop a nice tip your way :) Keep it up.
  5. New update has been pushed that will fix other bugs! Just gotta wait a little while
  6. Been using the script bot for a while, ran for 3 hours without crashing or failing or anything similar, seems pretty good so far, and hopefully as you said if you pushed an update that should fix some things.

    Here's a 3 hour progress screenshot for you.


    I'm not sure about the 1000 essence siphoning behavior (And you should really mention it in your OP), it seems kinda bot like. Maybe shift it to like 300 and a random number around that?

    Either way, keep up the good work on the bot!
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  7. Thansk for this Resource man!
    you keep up im willing to support this script bot buy donating to you ::)
  8. Ok, i will generate a random number between 500 and 1500 in next update :D
    Also still finding bugs to fix :D
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    I think i'm gonna add a stop after number of hours feature in next update also :p
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  9. When I start this bot on low, I add all the options. I've been watching it for a few minutes and it only siphons the esslings, it doesn't try siphoning the rocks/cyclones/ect. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  10. Nothing! Haha, i have the bot set to collect from esslings until it reaches a rune essence count of (1000) (Next upate will be) -> a random number beetween 500 and 1500, and then it will switch to the other things until it gets below 25 and then it should go back to esslings. You arent doing anything wrong. :D
  11. Ooh, alright, thanks for the quick reply! sounds good

    Edit: Also, does it support island hopping yet to find the best nodes available?
  12. Nope sorry, that will hopefully be an update sometime soon. It will be difficult to figure out completely. I may have to rework some of the bot so that users have a choice to add island hopping.
  13. Good bot, but stops every 15 minutes (approximately). I need to babysit and either pause and play, click a node or start a new instance. It just stops interacting with the game altogether.
  14. Most likely the reason it stops working is because there are no nodes on the island that you have selected. The bot searches for cyclones... when it exceeds a certain amount of rune essence, then goes back to esslings to gather essence again. I am trying to make it go back to esslings if it can't find any cyclone things.
  15. Great bot! Love it so far. And I've read nothing but good reviews for your other bots too! Looking forward to giving them a try as well.
  16. Really @JohnsonJohn ? Not all the reviews are good, but i try to fix the bugs that are reported to me, and dont particularly like it when someone reviews my bot with a bug report and gives it a bad review, when they could post the bug on the thread and have me fix it... But thank you! :D
  17. Working great off you resent update! I love doing this again on a fresh noob! Ima suicide this bitch.
  18. It makes sense now, the bot stops for an extended period of time because there are no cyclones/nodes available rather than going back to esslings.

    Is it possible to perhaps implement a 'priority' ie - go for the clouds instead of esslings when available but also return to siphoning from esslings?

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