OSRS Day 1 Botting results.

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  1. I'm going to see how high of levels I can get before a ban.

    Day 1:
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  2. Nice, keep us updated!
  3. UPDATE DAY 2 :
  4. Good luck with your journey
  6. No need to train skills, I'm heavily babysitting this bot, questing, and doing minigames here and there.

    I'm also going to factor in how much money I earn, here is my current wealth.
  7. Pause your bot before you type - humans generally don't type and click at the same time.
  8. A nice thought to add in, I will be sure to do this.
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    DAY 3:
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    DAY 4:
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  9. Looks pretty nice so far, may I ask what you're killing and what script bot you're using?
  10. i lasted 3 days lol, do not fish!
  11. Do it on private. Jagex is reading this forums.

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