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    For specific pricing, please contact me via Discord :)

    Dbuffed#0067 / 345893819348287490 unique ID.

    Order Form

    What do you need? :
    Payment method? :
    Going first or middleman? :
    What's your Skype/Discord ID? :
    Regular or Premium? :
    Do you agree to my TOS? :

    Also Please Note
    You can pay a 15% extra free to be seen to in a premium spot.
    This spot will ensure that you receive a spot regardless of when you ask for it.

    If you are needing us to buy items, it will cost 10% more or Ironman is subject to quests.

    Extra Bits
    We do giveaways each MONTH whilst also offering discounts on all orders.

    ALL PAYMENTS are to go through me or my manager, not my workers and not anyone else - If you do not do this step, you are held liable.

    ~ Please note we cannot always put times on our services, although we do try to if possible.

    If there is something that isn't listed, please just ask and we will tell you if we can do it!

    Terms of Service -

    You will provide everything needed for the service.
    When ordering with my service, you agree that you will remove all unneeded wealth. Upon failure to remove (unless given a valid reason) myself and my workers are not responsible for any "possible" loss of anything due to the nature of not knowing if you have removed it by default.
    I will add your Skype and confirm via my thread, after this you can PM me if needing further confirmation of your order the same goes with my workers we will never deny a PM.

    You will pay upfront for your work, or a middleman will be used at your expense.
    Both myself and my workers have the right to decline any orders.
    If I am unable to complete a service, you will be refunded for what is left.
    Any bans/mutes to the account(s) whilst doing services are not our responsibility.
    You will not log in whilst a service is being done, unless told you can.
    You will feedback upon completion of your order.​
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