OSRS (deadman) going for nr1 agility

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  1. so this is my 24/7 ish botting acc and im going to no life agility untill i get to the top 10 atleast! (might be banned :p)

    will post scrennies on my progress here ^_^

    Wish me GL! :D
    (would like if some 1 could get me to cammy)

    Current Rank 5~ finally top 10

    day 1: Gyazo - 61089f9ac6518f086211f60b64ee7514.png

    day 2: Gyazo - 42edb37a66dd2c53903ec36c1a0d9e95.png
    reached 100 marks of grace. got pked/died once bot was stuck etc so lost a fair bit of xp/marks of grace

    day 3: Gyazo - 1cbeefdbdcb9e5cca640159039725d37.png
    really a shit day got pked whole day/faggs camping at white wolf mountain so i could run back to relleka.
    lost 130 marks of grace ;_; well if any one can help me to cammy let me know ^_^

    Day 4: not much progress at all since bots stopped to work (global problem i think here at runemate)
    got 90 agility and im ready to start botting 24/7 this weekend :)

    Gyazo - 9110d981d3a9a197389050b3224ac5e2.jpg
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  2. Wow that's some solid progress there already! Best of luck!! :)
  3. Good luck with this! What the point of getting 99 on deadman though? For the insane run regen?
  4. just wanna be on the highscores as i dont care bout this acc
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  5. not bad, gl!
  6. Are you botting it 24/7?
  7. botting it from when i wake up untill i go to sleep (on weekends i will prob bot 24/7)
  8. post some proggies more
  9. finally i reached my goal currently top 5 in agility in deadman mode!
  10. nice man! :)
  11. @pkingd3vil the sad thing is runescape didnt like me botting agility str8 for 4 days so im banned now :mad: doe u must say i had a nice name :D
  12. I love all the comments about it.

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