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  1. Hello u can call me progamerz/death dead


    I have 2 names 1 is Progamerz which is on sythe and one is Death dead which is my name here

    Orders Completed:

    Format for orders:

    Skype name:
    Have you added my skype?:
    Quest Required:
    Do you agree to the T.O.S.?:

    Sythe Vouches thread:

    Progamerz vouches thread - Sythe

    The only skype i have is "Progamerz.Rs" so please be sure you are speaking to me and request a pm before any trades.

    Click the link below to add my skype

    Skype Button » HatScripts
  2. prices for RS3

    all the quests up to smoking kills
    creature of fran
    the dig site

    need for several accounts
  3. contact me through skype

    death dead
  4. all the quest up to plague end except the restless ghost and priest in peril

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