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  1. I am currently looking at getting a dedi
    cated server this month to run my farm on. Have done alot of browsing over the last week and this is one of the better ones i've come across from serverloft:
    • HP ProLiant DL120 Gen9
    • Intel Xeon E5-2620v3, 6 Cores
    • 32 GB DDR4 RAM ECC
    • 2x 2,000 GB SATA II HDD, 7,200 rpm or
      2x 256 GB SSD, 100,000 IOPS – Samsung
    • Software-RAID 1
    • Traffic flat rate
    • 1 Gbit/s port
    Does anyone know how many clients i may be able to get on that? even a really rough esimate like 1-5, 5-10, 10-15. as i'm sure there are a lot of variable factors and its jsut really hard to tell, but would like a rough idea before i invest

    Or i can custom build a server on the site with a:
    2x Intel Xeon E5-2420 - 12 Cores
    2x AMD Opteron 6272 - 32 Cores

    but of course comes with a cost, but can anyone rate those 2 processors to be abke to tell if ill be able to run fk loadds of accs on any of them
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    Storage doesn't matter so don't overpurchase. If you have the choice between the 4TB and an SSD - go for the SSD.
  2. Create a custom build on serverloft with only one SSD or HDD, preferably SSD. Ram and CPU counts more than hard drives do when you're going to bot on them. (As stated by Party.)
  3. what would be the purpose of having ssd the ssd, like i know i will be able to boot and reset bots faster but it costs an extra €10 a month, is it worth it?
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    These are my three viable options, can you guys @Gengsta @Party offer any viable insight, or anyone else? (here's a link to the site if someone had the time who knew a lil bit about hardware to make a viable botting setup Custom Server - Individual dedicated solution)
    Otherwise use my images as a guide of what my dedicated server provider has on offer and could mix and match the best settings:


    Thanks in advance for any help. This is my first real step getting toward starting a fully functional farm @ runemate.

    Kind regards
  4. Why is it so cheap, does OVH mean something worse?
    (i was on my phone driving :p and i didnt really look into it, i now see thatr it is just a different server company) thanks so uch for the reccomendation and i defs will be using OVH! what a bargain.

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