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  1. Starting a pure 100% botted osrs account, going to make it members after 40-60def

    Its a def pure :)
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  2. Good luck Waggle!
  3. Good luck, should be fun wearing full dragon at such low lvl!
  4. Reported.

    Block out the name, lmao.
  5. idc about the name haha
  6. Try going for a pure def staker m9
  7. Isnt it hell lvling just def without dmg?
  8. That's why bots exist.
  9. Just wondering, what xp/h he can get at best?
  10. 6-8k xp/h at monks I think... don't know if they've introduced new stuff for increased xp.
  11. You can afk at monks or there was a monster in lumbridge swamp dung just when you enter that you could afk on too.
    But i think best xp is still seagulls but it's not afk'able
  12. [​IMG]
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    Rune :)
    Making gains

    40 DEF BABY :)

    Thank you again Alpha fighter
  13. How is it going ?

    Oops nvm, hes banned, didnt notice.
  14. i made one this year as well im at 40 def 30 hp, and 99 wc. it took forever though

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