Default Model Colors and Color Substitutions

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    Many objects and npcs share the same model yet appear different in game. This is done via color substitutions and previously has caused many issues for developers trying to make miners among other things in both OSRS and RS3. To help developers better work with these types of objects and npcs, we will soon be providing access to the default colors of all models along with the color substitutions done by the entity.

    The default colors of an entities model are provided by the Set<Color> Model.getDefaultColors() method and the color substitutions are provided individually by the GameObjectDefinition and NpcDefinition methods Map<Color, Color> getColorSubstitutions. If demand exists this could also be applied to GroundItems.

    These values are also searchable from within the respective entity queries.


    Note: All color values are converted from their original HSB color model to RGB for both ease of use and understanding.
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    This is now available in the latest release! :)
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    Now that this is available I'd really like to see some more miners for OSRS :)
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    About bloody time! :D I'll be rewriting my miner and adding osrs support VERY soon :)
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    This is fantastic! Thanks for your work cloud! :)

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