Delayed bans.. is that true?

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  1. Hello runematers!
    is that true that Jagex makes delayed bans so you won't ever know which script bot/bot made you banned?
    if so what approximately the time I should wait without botting till I know that my main has peacefully passed the danger time zone?
  2. I've heard of them before but I Jagex has never confirmed that they actually do it as far as I know. Regarding time, I think a month or two should be enough but thats just an educated guess.
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  3. I definitely got a delayed ban, and they have officially confirmed them:
    "I have evidence that I wasn't using a bot when I was banned
    The date an account is banned for a macro offence is not necessarily the date the offence occurred, as it may takes several days to compile the evidence we have obtained. The date that an account is banned is the date that we have compiled sufficient evidence that a macro offence has taken place."

    Look at their "I was banned wiki".

    I don't know if they ever deliberately delay the ban, but both of my account bans happened while I was at the GE restocking, or actually legiting.
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  4. Actually, i recall them specifically stating that they actually do do this in a new thread about bot watch iirc.
  5. They've said this in bot hunting streams too, sometimes claiming that it takes time (up to weeks) to analyze peoples behaviors and determine if they are a bot, but in reality it's likely just to avoid making botting an arms race by confusing the competition.
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  6. That's what I thought of as well.
  7. Well some things are instaban, such as air runes, chop and shaft, oaks and other f2p things, but otherwise they usually delay.

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