Dell 7720 17R SE not booting

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    So I've been having trouble with my laptop since last week; random shutdowns and slow boots and when I tried rebooting it has two scenarios:
    - With power supply plugged in and battery: I hear the HDD whirring and the DVD drive making a click sound but none of the leds (power, computing, battery or wifi) lit up, nor does the led underneath the power button. There is nothing displayed on the screen and also on an external screen there's nothing to see. The laptop stays in this state until I disconnect both power sources.
    - With only the battery: the powerbutton led lights up, but after a few seconds I hear a click and the laptop is silent again.

    I can run the LCD test (hold D + press power) but it ends up in the same state as I mentioned in the first scenario. The testing service (Fn + power) does not work anymore either.

    I contacted Dell about this and they said they would replace my motherboard and heatsink for 374$.
    I sincerely doubt this is an overheating problem.

    Any suggestions or ideas, feel free to let me know.

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